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Testing Policies

  • Both paper based and computer based tests are administered in the Testing Center.
  • Each test must include the appropriate cover sheet that includes all information necessary to administer the test properly.
  • Students must bring all materials necessary for testing: i.e. , calculators, Blue books, photo I.D. , etc. Pencils and scratch paper are provided in the Testing Center. If the test is computerized, instructors must provide all information needed for test administrators to access the test.
  • Paper tests will be returned to instructors via campus mail unless otherwise requested on the cover sheet.
  • The Testing Center will not make copies, change test questions, or give tests to entire classes.
  • The Test Administrators will not be responsible for student's homework assignments; therefore, we will not be accepting any homework with tests which are submitted to the Testing Center.
  • Children and non-testers are not permitted in the Testing Center.
  • All make-up testing must be completed before finals week.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Complete the appropriate cover sheet and submit it to the Testing Center with at least two available days for students to take the exam.
  • Inform students of check in procedures and student responsibilities (see below).
  • Inform students when the test will be available in the Testing Center allowing at least 24 hours after delivery for Test Administrators to process in the test.
  • Include all materials with the test that students may need: i.e. formula sheets, maps and additional references and make sure students are aware that all materials associated with the test will be collected and returned to you
  • Inform the student of the deadline on the test.
  • Meet the Testing Center's deadline for all make-up tests which is the Friday before finals week begins

Student Responsibilities

  • Check in for testing with the Advising/Testing Receptionist in Room 6424 and complete the Student Agreement which will be kept on file.
  • Bring photo ID and all materials needed for the test. (Pencils and scratch paper are provided. )
  • Allow adequate time to complete test prior to Testing Center closing hours and in only one session. Tests may not be started at one time and completed later.
  • Go to the Testing Center as directed and sign in on the appropriate sign in sheet.
  • Sit in area designated by the test administrator.
  • Engage in conversation only with the test administrator.
  • Leave textbooks, book bags, and all other non-test items (including cell phones, pagers, food, drinks, etc. ) in area designated by test administrator. The Testing Center is not responsible for these articles.
  • Exit testing area only after being processed out by test administrator. No testing materials will leave the center including scratch paper and notes used.
  • Refrain from using computers to surf the internet or check email. Computers are used only for testing.

Test Administrator Responsibilities

  • Require students to show a photo I.D.
  • Properly secure all tests.
  • Monitor tests and return them to instructors via the method requested.
  • If the "final date test may be taken" has expired, the test administrator will administer the test, circling the date the test was taken to call attention to the missed deadline.
  • Allow students to see the test only after signing the Student Agreement with a start time.
  • Answer no questions about content or vocabulary on the test.
  • Notify instructor if the student leaves the room during testing.
  • Require students to have all materials related to a test in the Testing Center.
  • Return all untaken tests at the end of the semester.
  • Allow no more than 3 students per class to take a test at one time and seat these students in every other carrel whenever possible.