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Visual Arts

Art Faculty

We are dedicated to making your experience in the Art Department of Butler Community College as rewarding as possible. Just ask our graduates – you'll find them taking photographs in Beijing, making films in Denmark, designing in San Diego, painting and exhibiting in New York City, or teaching art in schools and colleges throughout the Midwest. You’ll find them completing their college degrees at major universities and art institutes all over Kansas and across the country. They will tell you that their education at Butler was critical to the success that they experience today. They will tell you that when they left Butler, they were fully prepared to take on the artistic challenges ahead of them.

Studying art at Butler Community College gives you many advantages – a faculty of professional, exhibiting artists fully dedicated to providing you with traditional skills and fundamentals of art making; a gallery that exposes you to some of the best art available in the thriving art community of south central Kansas while providing you, the student artist, with exhibition opportunities of your own; a community of students and faculty that feels a whole lot like family.

The art facilities at Butler Community College include several large, well equipped studios, a 10-station computer graphics lab and a lecture room equipped with state–of–the–art audio/visual presentation technology. The beautiful Erman B. White Gallery of Art, housed in the fine arts building, displays the work of regionally and nationally recognized artists in a schedule of monthly exhibits.

Our program of study is designed to prepare you for transfer to any four–year college or university. Our foundation coursework in drawing, two-dimensional design and three–dimensional design is second to none. Beginning and advanced courses are available in painting, figure drawing, jewelry design, ceramics and stained glass.

As with all of Butler Community College, we are here to feed your passion for learning and creating, to prepare you for the next step in your education, and to help you succeed in the marketplace

Scholarships: During the spring semester, Butler Community College sponsors a Fine Arts Audition Day for high school seniors who might be interested in studying art at Butler. The purpose is to select the recipients of art scholarships for the following year. These selections are based on the student's portfolios. Scholarships are available for art students at Butler Community College through the Warren Hall Coutts III Memorial Art Scholarship Fund. The student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours, of which six hours must be art classes. Students are also encouraged to apply for other scholarships available at Butler Community College.

For further information contact the Art Department at (316) 733-3173 or email crenfro@butlercc.edu.

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