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Vocal Ensembles

The Butler Vocal Music department offers you many opportunities to sing and dance. All students at Butler have the opportunity to audition for our Concert Choir. Scholarship students who audition for our program fill the small ensembles which offer more extensive performance opportunities. For information on how to audition for the Concert Choir, contact Matthew Udland at mudland@butlercc.edu. To view information on upcoming scholarship auditions, click here.

Ensembles include the Headliners Show Choir directed by Valerie Lippoldt-Mack, the 120 voice Butler Concert Choir and the A Cappella Choir under the direction of Matthew Udland, the 24 voice Chamber Singers led by Henry Waters, and the Butler Ladies Show Choir led by Nancy Wesche. We also have two full-time Barbershop Quartets (the Smorgaschords and Noteables).

As a public relations arm of the College, the Vocal Music department has hosted America Sings! Festivals in Washington, D.C., and Houston, Texas. Our choirs regularly travel to compete in Show Choir Festivals and offer performances as well as host competitions such as the National Showstoppers Competition in Nashville, TN and in the National Branson Jubilee Showchoir Competition in Branson, MO and FAME competitions.

Come join us, we want to add your voice to our vibrant, growing department!