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Transfer and Articulation Agreement

The Kansas Board of Regents recently created a transfer and articulation agreement between the Kansas public community colleges and the Kansas public universities. Students should complete the following requirements in order to ensure an efficient transfer to a Kansas public university.

A minimum of 45 credit hours of general education courses with distribution in the following disciplines will be required. General education hours totaling less than 45 will be accepted, but transfer students must complete the remainder of the general education requirements before graduating from the receiving institution.

Because each institution retains its right to define the requirements of a baccalaureate degree, additional courses not in the transfer agreement may be required.

12 hours of Basic Skills courses, including:

6 hours of English Composition
3 hours of Public Speaking or Speech Communication
3 hours of college level Mathematics; college algebra and/or statistics will be required of transfer students where University curriculum requires it

12 hours of Humanities courses from at least three of the following disciplines:
*Performance courses are excluded.


12 hours of Social and Behavioral Science courses from at least three of the following disciplines: Sociology
Political Science
 9 hours of Natural and Physical Science courses from at least two disciplines (lecture with lab).  


Other associate degrees (Associate of General Studies or Associate of Applied Science) and certificates may be awarded for programs which have a primary objective other than transfer. Students in such programs wishing to transfer to Kansas public universities are to be considered outside of the terms of this agreement. Students attempting to transfer into Technology, Engineering and Architecture programs are considered outside this agreement.

Transfer students preparing for teacher certification must meet the general education requirements as outlined by the State Board of Education. Teacher certification requirements have been incorporated into the degree requirements of Kansas public universities.

Foreign Language requirements are viewed as graduation requirements and not as general education requirements for purposes of this agreement.

A transfer student may be required to take freshman or sophomore courses to meet particular requirements of course prerequisites of a given major or minor.

There is a growing list of courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.
Visit http://www.kansasregents.org/transfer_articulation for more information.


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