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     The Resource Development Office (RDO) is responsible for reviewing, assisting, and streamlining the application of grants at Butler.  RDO can be contacted at any point in the process to provide assistance, resources, and clarification.

     RDO provides various services to help throughout the grant application process and during grant implementation.  There are internal approval steps to complete when seeking external grants from foundations, local, state, and federal governmental agencies.  These steps apply to grant applications initiated by Butler and applications that involve Butler as a sub-award.  These steps are designed to streamline the pursuit of external funding; ensure proper authorization within the college; manage fund disbursement, create documentation for audit purposes; and assist faculty and staff with applications. Please contact Regina Peasley for assistance with grant applications, the internal approval process, and compliance questions.   


contact info

NAME:  Regina Peasley

PHONE:  316-323-6724

EMAIL:  rpeasley@butlercc.edu