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softball math

First Calculus, then on to the National Softball Tournament -
You can do both at Butler! Maggie, Dr. Meyer, Alyson, Coach Chance

If you're motivated you can accomplish a lot at Butler!
Dr. Gillis, Coach Morrell, Aaron, Dr. Meyer
Aaron - National Science Foundation Summer Research Award - Varsity Football
Team Calculus - Vietnam Panama Bangladesh Brazil USA
Butler has students from over 100 countries
calc students
It's OK to be smart at Butler!
Megan james
maria student
Some of our recent scholarship Recipients

Math Video Tutorials
Basic Math to Differential Equations http://patrickjmt.com/
web calculator

Web graphing calculator  DESMOS  https://www.desmos.com/calculator 

iphone, android 4.0, tablet, laptop

3d polar flower
3d Superformula using polar coordinates and the spherical product

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Department Chair: Friesen, Larry
Phone: (316)733-3138
E-mail: lfriesen@butlercc.edu


Information about final exams for Algebra: Donna Gorton

Phone: (316)218-6249
E-mail: dgorton@butlercc.edu


Information about final exams for Prealgebra: Bethany Chandler

Phone: (316)322-3238
E-mail: bchandle@butlercc.edu