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Ever wonder what makes the faculty at Butler so great? The Office of Faculty Development empowers Butler instructors by providing the tools they need through resources, information, and intense training to help raise the bar in teaching. Not only that, but faculty are rewarded for their continued dedication to excellence through a points reward system and the prestigious title of NEA Master Teacher of the Year. Well-trained and motivated, Butler's team is here for you!

The Faculty Tab in Pipeline is your one-stop location for all information related to Faculty Services and Development.   It includes workshops, web sites, and other material related to both personal and professional growth and improvement.

This site, available to all Butler Community College faculty, can be accessed by clicking on the Faculty Tab on your Pipeline Homepage, locating the Faculty Information Menu, and then clicking on the appropriate item in the according menu.  

Along with workshop information, the Faculty page contains a collection of book titles, videos, and periodicals related to teaching and learning, conference opportunities, links to a wealth of teaching tips, mentoring ideas, professional enhancement information, and much more.   Check it out!   All materials are catalogued and can be checked out through the Nixon Library. Additional resources such as CDs and laser discs are available for classroom instruction as well as for faculty development of multimedia instructional materials.

The site promotes and organizes workshops on various topics determined by an annual electronic survey of Faculty with feedback from the VPAA, Division Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, Lead Faculty, and both full-time and adjunct Faculty.   The content of these workshops centers on both personal and professional improvement.   Participants may earn professional development points to be used for stipend awards for Adjunct Faculty or salary advancement for full time employees.   The specific criteria for salary advancement and/or stipend awards can be found in the employee handbook, the master agreement, or the Faculty Handbook..  

This site is designed to promote excellence in college teaching. The mission, goals, and activities of this site include:

  • Professional development activities to add to your "toolbox" of personal & professional skills.
  • Information relative to subject-specific content.
  • Links to the League for Innovation for a wealth of resources on teaching.
  • Promotion of instructional innovation through mini-grants.
  • Access to information relating to conferences, links to professional development sites, software downloads, and other resources relating to the mission.
  • All forms and documentation to assist Adjunct Faculty in their classroom mission.
  • Links to Departments and Lead Faculty.
  • Registration for all In-Service activities and Adjunct Faculty Orientations.

A variety of workshops are offered throughout the semester including in-service week at the beginning of each semester in El Dorado & Andover, sessions on Fridays and two half-day Saturday workshops in Andover, and at least one Saturday training opportunity at alternating sites in Council Grove and Marion.   In addition to these face-to-face sessions, there are a number of online training workshops offered each semester.   The workshops are facilitated by experienced educators with expertise in innovative instructional strategies and are taught by both full- time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.

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